Urban Natures. Incontro con 100land e realities:united

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Both currently fellows at the German Academy Villa Massimo, Jan Edler and Thilo Folkerts represent two diverse approaches to contemporary urban landscape. In fact, the focus of realities:united’s interest is on technological research and the communicative capacities of new media; 100land’s attention is turned towards the tangibility and sensibility of materials and the living world. The lectures will be an exploration of projects and realisations of both offices. From the celebrated interactive media façades of realities:united to the urban spaces, gardens and playgrounds of 100land. Together they will reflect issues of technics, the city, and the sustainability of the spaces that we live in.

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Entrambi borsisti dell’Accademia Tedesca Villa Massimo, Jan Edler e Thilo Folkerts rappresentano due approcci diversi al paesaggio urbano contemporaneo. Se l’interesse di realities:united si concentra infatti sulla ricerca tecnologica e la capacità comunicativa dei nuovi media, l’attenzione di 100land è rivolta alla tangibilità e alla sensibilità della materia e degli organismi viventi. L’incontro servirà a esplorare progetti e realizzazioni dei due studi, dalle celebri facciate interattive di realities:united agli spazi urbani, giardini e playground di 100land, per ragionare insieme sui temi della tecnica, della città e della sostenibilità dello spazio che abitiamo.

About paesaggisensibili

Architect and senior fellow of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology of Toronto University, I'm a member of the board of directors of the Italian National Institute of Architecture (IN/ARCH) in Rome, where since 2003 I am in charge of the Institute Master Programs. My studies are rooted in the fields of architecture and philosophy of science with a special interest in biology and anthropology. Key words for my research are: Man, Space, Nature, Technique, Webness, Ecology, Relations, Interactions, Resources, Energy, Landscape, Footprint, Past and Future. My goal is to build critical understanding of the present to suggest useful strategies to build the future.

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