Unbuilding structures of oppression
Making space for inclusive, empowering and reparative practices

This is the fourth of a series of online events by ECOWEEK, an NGO with the mission to change people’s habits and promote sustainability. The 48-hours virtual event will focus on the intersections between environmental and social struggles, to challenge, once again and with more strength, the way we think, talk and write about architecture. A large number of women architects, talking from multiple locations and from different research-grounds, will discuss about architecture and transitional justice, colonial heritage and decolonization, refugee camps and humanitarian settlements, public space and feminism, environmental and labor struggles. Going through a session of virtual lectures and panel discussions, and a session of virtual theoretical and ‘hands-on’ (from your desk) workshops, we aim to offer an eye-opening and empowering experience, in order to change the way we think about sustainability, resilience, and climate adaptation, through sustainable design and placemaking in today’s world.

ECOWEEK is an NGO with the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote the principles of social and environmental sustainability through design. Since 2005, ECOWEEK has developed programs in 17 countries and a network in 56 countries. ECOWEEK workshops engage young architects and designers, in innovative practices and sustainable design, green buildings, and placemaking, that re-imagine and re-shape public space.

This virtual ECOWEEK event is curated by Maria Luisa Palumbo, an architect, researcher and educator based in Rome, Italy, in collaboration with the University of Arkansas Rome Program, University La Sapienza, GBC Italia Chapter Lazio and Rebel Architette. Passionate and critical scholars and professionals will share their research and experience to foster a new approach to sustainability in architecture, one deeply rooted in the search for social justice.

ECOWEEK will host Suad Amiry, Esra Akcan, Sandi Hilal, Francesca Perani, Francesco Bedeschi, Alessio Battistella, Nasrin Mohiti Asli, Aslihan Gunhan, Consuelo Lollobrigida, Francesca Riccardo, Alessandra Battisti, Alessandro Melis and Anna Chiara Cimoli. Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, their contribution will trigger a discussion on architecture and design as critical disciplines with the ability to tackle and unbuild the many structures of violence and oppression we live in: from patriarchy to colonial and exploitative regimes. Inspired by these leading professionals, we will make space for inclusive, empowering and reparative practices.

Participation is free of charge.

About paesaggisensibili

Architect and senior fellow of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology of Toronto University, I'm a member of the board of directors of the Italian National Institute of Architecture (IN/ARCH) in Rome, where since 2003 I am in charge of the Institute Master Programs. My studies are rooted in the fields of architecture and philosophy of science with a special interest in biology and anthropology. Key words for my research are: Man, Space, Nature, Technique, Webness, Ecology, Relations, Interactions, Resources, Energy, Landscape, Footprint, Past and Future. My goal is to build critical understanding of the present to suggest useful strategies to build the future.

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