Postacards from the Future

VCU Qatar + Doha Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
Alberto Iacovoni and  Marialuisa Palumbo with Meriem Aiouna and Ebtesam Al-Hothi



Imagining change

Doha is a city that is changing at an incredible speed, a city where the future is a very close option. These changes could be an incredible opportunity to improve the way the dwellers live the city, not only in the main urban spots, but also in every neighborhoods, offering new spaces and activities that were not part of the urban familiar landscape.
The goal of this series of workshops with the high school students is therefore to contribute to engage a wider local community in a sense of ownership and responsibility in this changing process, to trigger young people imagination in expressing their (unknown?) desires on their neighborhoods.


The students have been involved in the construction of visions about their own neighborhoods, using the “collage” technique as an easy tool to imagine their possible futures. They have been offered a series of images of the open spaces of the neighborhoods in which they live, and a collection of other images of spaces in the public realm, collected from ancient pictures of the city, or other relevant public spaces of this and other cities, that could trigger their imagination about how to use and transform them.


What about if  we could have in every neighborhood –which means “at a walking distance” a green area (maybe even a vegetable garden or a small farm with animals, poultry to have fresh eggs), a playground, maybe some kind of water (fountain, pond…) and some kind of “walking facilities”, such as pergolas, to shade and protect the walk ways, some kind of communities infrastructures for renewable energy…?



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